Gift of Travel Redemption

If you have been awarded a Gift of Travel Certificate -  CONGRATULATIONS!
To start planning now, call us directly at (866) 765-7456 or click below and start your trip planning anytime. 



Gift of Travel Redemption EVP
  1. Call the Gift of Travel redemption phone number above or submit a Trip Request at the link above to connect with a Travelink advisor who will plan and book your vacation for you. If your certificate specifies a travel advisor by name or a unique email address to use, please reach out to that contact directly.
  2. Please plan for at least 60 days lead time between the time you contact us and your desired travel dates. This is to ensure availability and best pricing for the entire vacation.
  3. Your travel advisor will need to verify your unique gift certificate number, password, and the certificate value available to use toward the trip, and your personal identity information. Please have these details ready when calling. Your password is included with your certificate package or email.
  • Your personal advisor will cater to your personal trip preferences, from hotel ratings to airline seating, budget, preferred transportation, and more. Please share all your ideas, likes and dislikes, anything that will ensure your travel advisor can provide options and recommendations that suit your personal taste.
  • Your advisor will research options and offer recommendations for accommodations, activities, tours, and experiences in your destination of choice based on your travel preferences and budget.
  • You’ll receive an email invite to download our mobile itinerary app where your full plan can be found, including flights & notifications, hotels, transfers, car rentals, cruise schedules, private tours, contact phone numbers, addresses, and the ability to message your personal travel advisor directly.
  • You'll have your advisor's support from the time you leave on your amazing vacation until you return safely home to solve challenges like flight delays, interruptions, or emergencies.
  • Your travel advisor will also be available to work with you beyond just your Gift of Travel trip, and is available to help you plan any and all vacation travel throughout the year

Ready to make your travel plans? Please contact us at the Gift of Travel redemption line (866) 765-7456 or submit a TRIP REQUEST.

What kind of travel can I book with my award? The award may be redeemed for vacation packages, tours, cruises, airline tickets, car rentals, and hotel accommodations, using the extensive network of American Express endorsed suppliers.
Can I use my Gift of Travel to stay in an Airbnb, house boat, or other similar alternate type of accommodation?  For the financial protection of your Gift of Travel vacation, we only book with financially viable, professional travel suppliers with whom we have a relationship for proper payment reconciliation and managing any concerns that may arise. We have limited VRBO options available through a partner and offer villas to support the need for private homes, however, Airbnb is not available. 
Can I exchange my Gift of Travel award for cash? No. The Gift of Travel Award can only be used for travel booked by our travel advisors.
Can my award be transferred to another person? No, but you can use the Gift of Travel Award to purchase travel for another person traveling with you.
Can my Gift of Travel award be combined if I have received more than one? Yes! Be sure you keep the passwords and certificate information together if you have the ability to receive more than one so you have all the details readily available when you are ready to combine the values and put them towards your ideal vacation.
When does my Gift of Travel expire? The expiration date can be found on your Gift of Travel award and your company wants you to enjoy your award within the date period specified. If necessary, the certificate expiration may be extended by contacting one of our travel advisors to confirm.
What if the vacation I want to take costs more than my Gift of Travel award? You may add your own payment in addition to the award amount, should you wish to extend the total value of the vacation. We accept  major credit cards for personal vacation payments.

  • The Gift of Travel Certificate may be redeemed for cruise and vacation packages using the extensive network of American Express endorsed suppliers.
  • It may not be used for car-only reservations. Prepaid car rentals are only allowed when purchased as part of a package.
  • Hotel-only reservations will be accommodated if prepayment is allowed by vendor. Please Note: Not every hotel or accommodation provider worldwide is available for prepayment, however, your travel advisor will make every reasonable effort to accommodate requests or offer alternative options. We do offer certain types of alternate accommodations, such as villas and a limited number of VRBO options, through our preferred partner network. However, we cannot book home-sharing accommodations such as Airbnb other privately owned residences, houseboats, yachts, or motorcycles.
  • Certificate cannot be exchanged for cash, gift cards, or Travelers Cheques.
  • Service fees will apply for bookings made.
  • Certificate is redeemable only for bookings made through an Employee Vacation Programs travel Advisor and NOT via our website booking tool, or any other online booking tool.
  • Recipient may apply the Gift of Travel toward the purchase of eligible travel and pay the difference when the total exceeds the value of the certificate.
  • The recipient must present assigned password to Employee Vacation Programs prior to redemption.
  • Employee Vacation Programs is not responsible for lost or stolen certificates.
  • Certificates are non-refundable and non-transferable.
  • Gift of Travel awards are issued in U.S. Dollars.