Allianz-Travel_I-Travel-Because_adventure_1_300x600Why our clients choose Allianz Travel Insurance

Selecting travel protection is the easiest way to keep you and your budget safe.

  • No one wants to lose their vacation investment if they must cancel a trip due to a covered reason, and they don’t want minor mishaps to ruin their time away from home.
  • Medical emergencies overseas can be expensive and many personal health insurance policies (like Medicare) don’t provide coverage outside the U.S.
  • Help is only a phone call away. Allianz Global Assistance’s award-winning team of experts are always available to help solve travel problems.


Allianz Travel Insurance Benefit Basics

Allianz Travel insurance from Employee Vacation Programs can protect you in covered situations before and during your trip and during your trip—keeping you, your loved ones, and your travel budget safe. Benefits vary by plan, so please read your plan documents for details. The following are brief benefit descriptions.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption Protection

Trip Cancellation

Reimburses your prepaid, non-refundable travel expenses if you need to cancel your trip due to a covered reason, which may include:

  • A doctor says you or a traveling companion is too sick to fly
  • Your parent or child requires hospitalization
  • You need to attend the birth of a family member’s child
  • You have a traffic accident (not breakdown) on the way to the airport
  • A storm shuts down your airport for 24 hours or more
Trip Interruption

Reimburses the unused, non-refundable portion of your trip and increased transportation costs it takes for you to return home early or to continue your trip due to a covered reason, which may include:

  • You get sick or injured and a doctor says you must return home
  • A family member gets injured and needs your care
  • An emergency like a fire or flood makes your home uninhabitable
Travel/Trip Delay

Provides reimbursement for certain eligible expenses due to a covered travel delay.

Additional services for travel-related emergencies they can help with:

  • Missed connecting flights
  • Lost/stolen travel documents
  • Pre-trip information

Emergency Medical & Dental Coverage

Emergency Medical and Dental¹

Reimburses expenses related to covered emergency medical or dental care incurred on your trip. Examples of covered emergencies:

  • You slip and break your ankle while sightseeing
  • You get food poisoning from eating bad sushi
  • You lose a filling and require immediate dental treatment

1 Sublimit will apply

Emergency Medical Transportation

Provides benefits for medically necessary transportation to the nearest appropriate medical facility following a covered injury or illness.

Medical assistance includes, but is not limited to:

  • Medical triage with referrals to local prescreened medical providers
  • Ongoing medical monitoring
  • Payment guarantee
  • Emergency Medical Transportation

Baggage Loss, Damage, or Delay

Baggage Loss/Damage

Provides reimbursement for lost, damaged, or stolen luggage and personal belongings.

Baggage Delay

Reimburses the reasonable additional purchase of essential items during your trip if you experience a covered baggage delay.

24-Hour Assistance

Help is just a phone call away. A team of multilingual problem solvers is available to help you with medical and other travel-related emergencies.

Terms & Conditions

Insurance benefits underwritten by BCS Insurance Company (OH, Administrative Office: 2 Mid America Plaza, Suite 200, Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181), rated “A” (Excellent) by A.M. Best Co., under BCS Form No. 52.201 series or 52.401 series, or Jefferson Insurance Company (NY, Administrative Office: 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233), rated “A+” (Superior) by A.M. Best Co., under Jefferson Form No. 101-C series or 101-P series, depending on your state of residence and plan chosen.  A+ (Superior) and A (Excellent) are the 2nd and 3rd highest, respectively, of A.M. Best’s 13 Financial Strength Ratings.  Plans only available to U.S. residents and may not be available in all jurisdictions. Allianz Global Assistance and Allianz Travel Insurance are marks of AGA Service Company dba Allianz Global Assistance (AGA) or its affiliates. AGA compensates their suppliers or agencies for allowing AGA to market or offer products to customers of the supplier or agency Allianz Travel Insurance products are distributed by Allianz Global Assistance, the licensed producer and administrator of these plans and an affiliate of Jefferson Insurance Company. The insured shall not receive any special benefit or advantage due to the affiliation between AGA Service Company and Jefferson Insurance Company. Plans include insurance benefits and assistance services. Any Non-Insurance Assistance services purchased are provided through AGA Service Company.  Except as expressly provided under your plan, you are responsible for charges you incur from third parties. Contact AGA Service Company at 800-284-8300 or 9950 Mayland Drive, Richmond, VA 23233 or 

Allianz-Travel_I-Travel-Because_ancestry_2_300x600Popular Travel Insurance Benefits at a Glance

  • Trip Cancellation and Interruption Protection

    Up to 100% reimbursement if you must cancel your trip or return home early due to a covered illness, injury and more

  • Live Assistance Services

    24/7 phone access to an award-winning team that's always ready to help solve medical and other travel-related problems

  • Emergency Medical and Dental Coverage

    Reimburses expenses related to covered emergency medical or dental care incurred on your trip

  • Emergency Medical Transportation

    Provides medically necessary transportation to the nearest hospital or appropriate facility in the case of a covered medical emergency while abroad


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